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Measuring Jug

Joseph Joseph

Client | Joseph Joseph
Sector |  Kitchenware
Year | 2021
Categories | Industrial Design | Design Language | Colour, Material, Finish | Engineering

The Brief

Joseph Joseph briefed Element Design Studio to challenge and improve the way we read measurements from existing measurement jugs. 


The Joseph Joseph measuring jug is a well-designed kitchen tool that combines ergonomics with visual clarity to provide an enhanced measuring experience.  The Joseph Joseph measuring jug is designed to provide enhanced visual clarity during the measuring process. It features clear measurement markings that are easy to read, with bold numbers and lines that are visible even when the jug is filled with liquid. This makes it simple to measure ingredients accurately, reducing the chances of errors and ensuring consistent results in your recipes.

“Delighted to have this brilliant measuring jug.
It's so easy to read the different quantities.
I can't imagine how I managed without one“


Element Design Studio Limited
West Sussex

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