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Joseph Joseph

Client | Joseph Joseph
Sector |  Kitchenware
Year | 2021
Categories | Industrial Design | Design Language | Colour, Material, Finish | Engineering

The Brief

Element Studio were commissioned by  Joseph Joseph to challenge and improve the way we use corkscrews in the kitchen.


The Joseph Joseph corkscrew is a versatile and innovative tool designed for wine enthusiasts who appreciate unique functionalities and space-saving design.  Overall, the Joseph Joseph corkscrew is a multi-functional and space-saving tool that offers unique functionalities, including three bottle-opening tools in one, easy-open winding corkscrew with non-stick coating, integrated foil cutters, and a metal bottle-cap opener. It is designed to make wine and beverage opening tasks more convenient and efficient, and its compact design is ideal for small spaces.

“Recently purchased this corkscrew, really handy little gadget. Does everything well, very good price, would definitely recommend.“


Element Design Studio Limited
West Sussex

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