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Domesticated Wearables

Client | Studio Project
Sector |  Audio Electronics
Year | 2022
Categories | Industrial Design | Design Language | Colour, Material, Finish

The Brief

Element Studio recognised that the audio sector for over-ear headphones is heavily focussed and aimed at audiophiles. An opportunity to domesticate these instruments to soften and blend within our surroundings became apparent, thus Mode was born.


These over-ear headphones are infused with nordic design principles that appear pared back and timeless. The simple and pure, yet clever functionality embraces a new domestication of headphones that proudly sit within your work or home environment.

Inductive Charging

Mode uses a unique inductive charging feature which doubles up as a
stand when they are not in use. Proudly demonstrating that soft tech
and functionality can coincide.

Over-Ear Materiality

Simple yet well executed forms evoke a sense of satisfaction
whilst using these headphones. Soft touch materials paired with
a muted neutral colour palette induces a friendly warming emotion
making these a timeless addition to your tech collection.


Element Design Studio Limited
West Sussex

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