A process, as with design, only works when all the critical elements are present and in place. Everything must come together in just the right way and at just the right time to succeed.

At Element Studio, this ethos lies at the heart of every new collaborative project. Working with you, we explore each stage of the development process to drive insights and results, consistently creating new opportunities to deliver something truly special.

We put user-centred design at the forefront of our strategy, working across product and user interaction with physical and digital design to form meaningful connections between people and your brand. This facilitates a multifaceted design process that works as a creative catalyst to unlock your product’s potential.


We will immerse ourselves into your business and mindset to unlock valuable insights around your ambitions, challenges, and target markets. With a deep understanding of the people, environments, behaviours, and trends involved, we can strategically plan the most efficient direction to steer creative and development processes.

Focus groups
Ethnographic Research
Product & brand strategy
Competitor analysis
Parallel opportunities
Market benchmarking
Trend research
Demographic personas
Material & Technology forecasting


With these rich insights as a solid foundation, we can define a design narrative aligned to your values, aspirations, and KPIs, and begin transforming your idea into a unique design concept. We explore the functional architectures and materials that will deliver the performance and characteristics you need, as well as the tools and techniques that will be most effective for its realisation.

Colour, Material, Finish
Functional architectures
Design language
Concept generation
User experience design
Material validation
User scenarios


Once we have agreed on a direction, we refine the design through multiple iterations to perfect its form and function. We then develop manufacturable CAD data for validation, functional and appearance prototypes for testing, and photorealistic 3D imagery for marketing materials and seamless integration onto digital platforms.

3D CAD modelling
3D printing
CMF refinement
Photorealistic visualisation
Visual appearance prototype
Mechanical engineered prototype


We create tooling data to maintain quality control over the manufacturing process, using tried-and-tested production partners to ensure on time and on budget delivery. We manage everything, controlling every detail to ensure uncompromising standards for excellence are consistently met. Our creative team can also support you with copy and design for packaging, websites, and other marketing collateral.

Tool making
Design for manufacture
Supplier sourcing
Supplier liaison
Manufacturing advice
Packaging design

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